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Who Lives on Planet Patchwork?

From left to right, beginning in the back row: Benjamin Holland, Ginger Holland, Sarah Holland, Nicholas Holland (holding Maggie). Front row, Pamela Holland , Lynn Holland, Rob Holland (holding grandson Stephen), Jennifer Holland, Geoffrey Holland (holding grandson William, Christopher Holland, Christina Holland (holding granddaughter Elizabeth). Photo taken in December 2006 by Spring and Tom Davis.

Planet Patchwork is the website of The Virtual Quilt Company, a family-owned corporation that has been promoting and supporting quilting on the world wide web since 1995. Planet Patchwork began as a hobby, and still remains a labor of love. Somewhere along the line we added a store so that it could be more self-supporting, and now virtually everyone in the family contributes to the development and maintenance of the site, the processing of orders, and our shipping operations.

We also have a deep commitment to quilts and quilting. Lynn has been quilting all her life, Rob has a mean hand-stitch, and Pamela and all the daughters-in-law (in the back row) have made at least one quilt. Christina is the most avid quilter, having made several for wedding gifts for friends (the next one is for herself, she says). And imagine our delight when Nicholas married Sarah, whose hometown is Paducah, Kentucky. Now in addition to a charming daughter-in-law we have a place to stay for the annual AQS show  in Paducah (as long as we're nice to Sarah's family!)

Our top shippers for 2006 were Jennifer and Christina, who run our two shipping centers in Tampa, Florida and Austin, Texas. They're the ones who get those purchases you're so anxious to receive into the mails quickly, and we appreciate their good work, as well as that of the rest of the family.

We hope you enjoy visiting Planet Patchwork as much as we enjoy bringing it to you. We always welcome suggestions, and hope you'll write us with any of your comments or concerns. Just send e-mail to rholland@planetpatchwork.com.

Thanks for your continuing support!

(c) Copyright 1995-2012 by The Virtual Quilt Company. All rights reserved.


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