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Henry David Thoreau found on Walden Pond a place of peace and reflection. In the center of DeFuniak Springs, Fla., the seat of Walton County, is a perfectly round, placid pool where I, too, have found peace and reflection. Thus we come On Walton Pond.

Welcome, this is a site intended for an intelligent exchange of ideas, knowledge, humor, trivia, recollections, opinions and philosophies regarding all aspects of life, living and emotional well-being in our hectic world.

This site is a place where we can also talk about computing and the Internet and the most revolutionary form communication in the history on humanity and a most profound change in social interaction as well.

Included are poems, favorite literary passages, bits of nostalgia and some of my (and, hopefully your) "favorite" words.

As the refrain from The Sound of Music so aptly describes it; These are a few of my favorite things. Maybe they include or will remind you of some of yours, too.

If so, please share.

You're invited to come here often and to stay as long as you like. For convenience, with the exception of "Neat Words," newer items are placed at the top of the pages.

Abraham Lincoln said, "My best friend is a person who gives me a book I have not read." You won't find any books at On Walton Pond but hopefully you'll find enough so we can be, at least, pretty good friends.

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