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Number Twenty-One * January 1, 1998

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BOOK REVIEW: Fooling Your Eyes


Optical Illusions for Quilters
By Karen Combs
American Quilter's Society, 1997
162 pages, $22.95
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One of the qualities that distinguishes "fine" art from primitive, or folk art, is the effective use of perspective. Medieval paintings and contemporary folk art painting, for instance, often share a flatness or a distortion in the relative sizes of "far" and "near" objects that tell us the artist is not trained in (or has no interest in) creating realistic illusions of depth. Quilters, too, over time have learned to use more advanced techniques in their art.

In Optical Illusions for Quilters, Karen Combs provides quilters the ultimate reference, shy of formal training in art, for mastering not only perspective but a wide array of other "illusions" that can add depth, motion, and interest to quilts. Whether the goal is to create a realistic picture or a quilt of dancing parallelograms that seems to recede into infinity, this book explores and explains the various ways it can be done.

Depth, perspective, motion, and color are the four major topics that organize the book, as Combs takes a highly technical and potentially intimidating subject and breaks it down into its component parts, with lots of illustrations and photos to help make things clear. She walks us through one-point, two-point, three-point and isometric perspective with the help of detailed diagrams and step-by-step instructions on how to draw objects in these ways, and how to apply it to quilt design.

Combs applies the same detailed and painstaking explanation to the variety of factors that contribute to the illusion of motion on a flat surface. In both realistic and abstract images, including many quilts, she demonstrates how art can be brought to life with simple techniques for suggesting movement through the proper arrangement of juxtaposition of elements. The explanations are both academic and practical, and in many cases they are inspirational as well, by showing what can be created by applying these techniques through simple forms.

The last section of the book, on color, demonstrates how colors play off one another and can be manipulated to create illusions of space, advancing or receding to our delighted-to-be-deceived eye.

Although the book explores some arcane territory, Combs never forgets that her audience is quilters, not scientists, and ties all of her observations and lessons back to quilting. Each section contains several pages of traditional quilt blocks that show the characteristics of depth, motion or other illusion that she has been talking about in the chapter. At the end of the book is a section of 12-inch patterns and templates for blocks which lend themselves to illusionistic design.

Best of all for those of us who must have our dessert first is the liberal sprinkling of gorgeous quilts used as illustrations throughout. Not stinting on the colored ink, AQS has produced stunning and generously sized plates on nearly every page. The quilts are in all styles, from realistic pictorials such as Cynthia England's "Come into the Light" to abstract inspirations such as Ellen Anne Eddy's "Quilts in Space" or Emily Richardson's mysterious "Journey: Lost/Found," which looks like a vision of the Underworld. The only thing marring this aspect of the book is that a few of the photographs are muddy or out-of-focus.

In just the right balance of pedagogical detail and artistic fancy, Karen Combs has created a book which will become dog-eared with use by both beginners and quilting veterans who want to add that "extra dimension" to their art.



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