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Now Avalable! Quilter's Travel Companion, 10th Edition

The Traveling Quilter
Reviews of Quilt Shops and Shows Around the World

Over the last few years, Planet Patchwork has published numerous reviews of quilt shops and shows around the world, and this has become one of our most popular features.

Quilters, when they travel on business or for pleasure, seem to seek out quilt shops wherever they are. Each has its own unique character, reflecting the tastes of its owner, that distinguishes it from similar stores. Quilters also travel, sometimes very great distances, to attend quilting exhibitions of all sorts, from Paducah to Strasbourg to Tokyo. Or in the next town over.

The Traveling Quilter is devoted to bringing you interesting reviews from wherever our, and our readers' travels take us. You'll find reviews of large, famous shops and small obscure ones; of big national and international exhibitions, and local guild shows. We hope the information we provide will be useful to you in your own travels, and an opportunity to "visit" places you may not be able to get to on your own. Come on along with us!

 [Editor's note: Because quilt stores close and move quite frequently, please do not depend solely on these reviews for information. Where web addresses or phone numbers are provided, please use them to check on the current status of any particular store you plan to visit. ]

Quilt Shows

Quilt Shops


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