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Product Review: Sidewinder Bobbin Winder
By Lynn Holland
Ask any ten people who sew what their pet peeve is, and I bet at least eight of them will say, "Having the bobbin run out in the middle of a project. Then stopping, unthreading the machine, and rewinding the darn thing." Well, I'm also guessing that the Sidewinder, the brilliant brainchild of two sewing sisters, will quickly become everyone's favorite machine sidekick.
The Sidewinder is a little white plastic baby that is smaller than a 3x5 index card file and looks like a little girl's purse. Open the latch and there is the self-contained winding unit, which looks like a transplanted sewing machine top. Put the spool on the spindle, thread it, put the bobbin on and push the button. That's it.
The box says it is as easy as one, two, three. And it is. However, never the one to read directions, the first time I tried it I failed to pop the bobbin into place and wound up with the same results I get when I am careless with my Bernina -- the thread wound on the bobbin winding shaft. After I unwound all that, I read the directions, which clearly told me to be sure that that the bobbin was clicked into place. Duh!  So, I followed the directions, and it turned out perfectly. The Sidewinder works with all standard bobbins with a round centering hole.
The Sidewinder comes with a power cord, but also can be used with batteries. Since I hate to hassle cords, I will probably put batteries in my Sidewinder. It will also add a little weight, making it a little more stable sitting on my sewing table. But its small size and great utility make it perfect to take with you to classes and retreats as well.
While at Market I joked that this new gadget would save an untold number of bad words from being said in sewing rooms. And judging by the popularity of this cute notion, I imagine that other occasions for saying X$^#&$! will arise when sewers find that they are temporarily sold out.


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