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Oliso Touch&Glide Iron FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the touch activated handle work?

The touch activated handle is part of the Auto-Lift System™. It senses your hand as soon as you touch it, commanding a powerful micro-motor to lower the iron. Any time you let go of the handle, the spacers will automatically raise the iron to protect your fabric.

How much does the iron weigh?

The iron weighs 4.2 lbs. This is comparable to Rowenta and other professional quality irons.  However, one nice thing about the Oliso iron’s auto-lift system is that you get the benefit of a professional weight iron for wrinkle removal, but you do not need to continually lift and lower our iron since it always remains horizontal on the ironing board.

What is the advantage of the digital controls?

The digital controls constantly monitor the temperature of the soleplate and adjust the heat so it remains at the exact setting you have selected. To ensure correct temperature, wait until the light displays steady green before ironing.

Do I need to push down on the Oliso™ Steam Iron for it to lower?

No. You do not need to push down on the Oliso™ Steam Iron for it to lower. Simply touch the handle and the sensors will sense your hand and lower the iron automatically. Any time you release the handle, the iron will automatically rise up.

Will the lifters get hot and burn the fabric?

No. The lifters are part of the Auto-Lift System™. They are made of heat-resistant polymers that stay cool, even when the soleplate is hot.

Will the lifters snag the fabric?

No. The lifters will not snag the fabric because they recede completely into the soleplate when the Oliso™ Steam Iron is in use.

Can I turn the Auto-Lift System™ off so the iron doesn’t lift up and down?

Yes. It is possible to override the Auto-Lift System™. If you move the switch on the back of the iron to "off", the iron will operate like a standard iron. However, if the iron is left in the horizontal position for more than 30 seconds, the lifters will raise, to keep your iron from burning your fabric or ironing surface. Turn on the Auto Lift System™ by moving the switch back to "on".

How do I add water to the Oliso Steam Iron?

Leave the Oliso™ Steam Iron in a horizontal position and open the side fill funnel. The side fill funnel makes it easy to add water to the tank with the fill cup or directly from a faucet.

Does the Oliso™ Steam Iron have an auto shut-off feature?

Yes. The Oliso™ Steam Iron has an auto shut-off for added safety. If left untouched with legs extended for 8 minutes, the iron will turn off. Or, if the iron is tipped over, it will turn off in 30 seconds. To turn it back on, simply touch the handle.

Does the Oliso™ Steam Iron have a smaller water tank, since it has lifting mechanisms built in?

No. The lifting mechanisms do not affect the water tank. In fact, the Oliso™ Steam Iron has an oversized 11 oz. water tank, making refilling less frequent.



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