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Meet Phil Mosier

Phil Mosier of Decatur teaches several of our evening photography classes.  Phil writes about himself and his photography career in the biography below:

"My entry into photography occurred when my father, the sheriff of a small town in northeast Texas not far from Fort Worth, asked me to take pictures for him at a crime scene one day when he was short-handed. From then on, I spent my high school afternoons, when not at football practice, taking images of accidental death, robbery, vandalism, and any other part of my father's work that needed documenting. I took to photography and soon became the family photographer as well. After obtaining an undergraduate degree in television and radio production at Texas Christian University, I was fortunate enough to be awarded a scholarship to pursue an MFA in the photography department at Yale University where I studied with Richard Benson and Tod Papageorge. Yale's program trained me in photography production and critique, and this dual emphasis taught me to greatly respect the art for its honesty, its precision, and its profundity.

"Before going to Yale, I had several of my photographs published in newspapers, including The Dallas Morning News, The Fort Worth Star-Telegram, The Amarillo Globe-News, and The Orange County Register. After finishing my MFA, I turned to photojournalism as a career at two papers, the Augusta Chronicle, and the Decatur Journal-Review, where I currently work. Photojournalism taught me to make photographs every day, a practice I have continued up to the present day. I have also been challenged by newspaper work since it often involves editorializing, trivializing, and sometimes even misrepresenting the subject. My insistence on honesty in photography has steered me away from full-time work in journalism. I have ventured into photography instruction instead, and currently teach Photography and Art Appreciation at Georgia Perimeter College, a community college that primarily serves a working class population. I also teach classes here at The Camera Doctor in Decatur, Georgia, the town I currently call home."





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