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Info-EQ is a special interest maillist, sponsored by Planet Patchwork(tm), for users of the software products of The Electric Quilt Company, including Electric Quilt 4 quilt design software, and Sew Precise. Although we have no affiliation with The Electric Quilt Company, we are sponsoring this list as a service to EQ users who have found it to be an indispensable source of information (and fun!) about EQ quilt design. There are some quite well-known quilters on the list who contribute their knowledge and ideas.

Info-EQ is available as both a regular maillist (messages distributed to the list individually) and in digest format (messages collected and distributed once a day in a package).

Subscribing to Info-EQ or Info-EQ Digest is easy! Please follow the steps below:

1. Fill in your e-mail address in the form below and check the Info-EQ box.

2. Click the JOIN button to establish your subscription. You will get a return e-mail that will require you to confirm your subscription by replying to the message.

3. Confirm your subscription by replying. If you do nothing further, you will  be subscribed and will receive a welcome message. You will begin to receive messages from the list as they are submitted by members.

4. If you wish to become a DIGEST member, receiving all messages together in a package once per day, then you need to come back to this page after establishing your subscription and enter your e-mail address, check the Info-EQ box, and this time click on the DIGEST button.

Please be sure and use your entire email address such as quilter@prodigy.netprodigy.net or patches@aol.com

Thanks and have fun!

Your EMAIL address:

Fill in your email address, then click on the appropriate button below. You will receive e-mail notification and a welcome message from the list.

sends you individual postings as they arrive here at Planet Patchwork.

sends you a single daily message of all the postings for that day. These usually arrive the morning of the next day. You need to JOIN before you can switch to DIGEST (see instructions above).

will remove you as a member from the list.

PLEASE NOTE: After joining, you will receive an initial welcome message with instructions on how to post to the list, and how to get off it if you need to. Please save this message, as it will save frustration later on! And you might want to bookmark this page in order to return to it later to use the automated form above.

Come join other EQ users in an ongoing global conversation!

If you are interested in a more general topic quilting list, try Planet Patchwork's(tm) Quiltopia!



(c) Copyright 1995-2012 by The Virtual Quilt Company. All rights reserved.


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