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Product Review: Supreme Slider

                     By Lynn Holland

Every year at Quilt Market we scout out products that make the lives of quilters easier. And we always find them. We first discovered this product at Market in 2004, and were immediately impressed, as were our visitors. We sold many of them that first year. Known originally as the "Free Motion Slider," this invention created a solution to a very specific quilting problem. And now it's out in its second incarnation, much improved!

At one time or another, every quilter will probably try her hand at free-motion machine quilting. While those who are expert at it make it look easy, those who have tried it know it takes practice and can be frustrating. One of the biggest difficulties is the drag of a heavy quilt on the bed of your sewing machine as you try to move it smoothly and evenly under the needle. Not only does it interfere with smooth quilting, it takes a toll on the body of the quilter!

Although not impressive just sitting in the package, the Free Motion Slider was a really slick idea. (Okay, bad pun.) Made from a Teflon sheet, it was one of those, “Now why didn’t I think of that!” products. Developed by Pat LaPierre of LaPierre Studio, it’s made to significantly reduce the drag on free motion quilting, and consequently the drag on your body. We spotted this product at preview, and later met and chatted with Pat, who confided that she thought of this in the middle of the night and got out of bed to start searching the internet for sources of the right product.

The Slider does not require technical skills, screwdriver assembly, or a large table surface to be effective. All you had to do was position the pre-punched needle hole under your sewing machine needle, tape it down with transparent tape (masking tape and other tapes don't stick to Teflon), pull the bobbin thread up through the aforementioned hole, drop your feed dogs and slip-slide that fabric sandwich with ease. But Pat was not happy with this early version, especially the requirement to tape it to your machine. So she developed a unique two-layer design that's slippy on the top and grippy on the bottom. It sticks to your machine's face-plate, though it is easy to remove when you need to. The result is the newly-named "Supreme Slider."

As an aging quilter, I do everything I can to ease stress on my hands, wrists and other body parts, and I can immediately tell the difference when using the Slider. Even though I do not frequently do free motion stuff,  the ibuprofen savings in just a few months should cover the modest cost of the Slider. My scientist daughter-in-law, Christina, sat down at Market to check it out, and just loved it in seconds. Another example of better quilting through technology!

The Supreme Slider is available in our store. Free shipping, too!

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