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TVQ #1

TVQ #2

TVQ #3

TVQ #4

TVQ #5

TVQ #6

TVQ #7

TVQ #8

TVQ #9

TVQ #10

  • The Traveling Quilter: Five Portland Quilt Shops
  • TVQ, and its readers, provide a guided tour of Portland, Oregon, as seen through its quilt stores.

  • Book Reviews: A Survey on Paper Piecing
  • by Addy Harkavy. Addy covers the waterfront on paper foundation piecing, with reviews of books and magazines.

  • Quilting on The Web
  • Reviews of some of the many new quilt-related sites that are appearing daily on the web. Take a look at Jinny Beyer's new site, and find out what a mola is and where you can get one.
  • Software Review: BlockBase.
  • Find out why BlockBase is the best thing to happen to quilt blocks since Barbara Brackman.

  • Quilter Profile: Carol Doak.
  • The Queen of Foundation Piecing tells how she got involved in it, and what it's like to write major quilt books.
  • Plus:
  • Seattle Quilt Show; "Strips That Sizzle," the sequel; new quilt product; more!
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    TVQ #14

    TVQ #15

    Nancy Cameron Armstrong (and friends) survey the world of quilting across the expanse of the north country.

    Addy Harkavy takes a look at two books about fabric manipulation. Why is she so excited over tucks and pleats?

    This is no April fool -- Addy Harkavy put it to the test.

    Art Quilter and world traveler Linda Colsh talks about quilts, creativity, and Tiananmen Square.

    Upcoming quilt shows; chocolate quilts?

    TVQ #16

    Lynn Holland discovers the pleasures of quilt store shopping in this trendy Texas city.

    Regular TVQ contributor Catherine Jones explores the issue of artistic identity in a world being changed rapidly by the internet. She finds models in unexpected places.

    Nancy Cameron Armstrong takes a look at books chronicling French and American Quilts. And explores the issue of quilts as tablecloths!

    Gloria Hansen does wild things within the confines of geometry. She had to give up rollerblading, but now she puts that energy into quilts, computers, and a new book.

    TVQ #17

    Lynn Holland writes about rediscovering a childhood sewing book that she's been hunting for 30 years. And she found it on the web!

    Addy Harkavy reviews a new device to protect your hands from your rotary cutter's vicious blade.

    Addy Harkavy reviews Joen Wolfrom's new book, Patchwork Persuasion; A Point Well Taken, a new book on needle and thread; and Sylvia Siegel's guide to paper-pieced borders.

    The Smithsonian's new traveling exhibit brings more than 40 native American and Hawaiian quilts to 8 cities.

    Learn why Judy Montano is so good, and her video production company is so bad!

    Anne Fisher started out as a quilting perfectionist, but her wrists caused her to give up perfection and make better quilts.

    TVQ #18

    Harriet Hargrave's From Fiber to Fabric and Waldvogel and Brackman's Patchwork Souvenirs are two books that belong in any quilter's library. Find out why from these reviews

    Four new quilting sites with lots of goodies and "quilt-lits." Sites rated according to TVQ's website ranking system.

    One of the early pioneers of online quilting, Susan recounts her days at Delphi and her current work at The Mining Company. And don't miss her silk cocoon quilt. It's fabulous!

    Turtle's Online Quilt Show has new host who tells you how to have your quilts displayed on the web; TVQ looking for Quilter's Essential Library. Send us your nominations!

    TVQ #19

    A force to be reckoned with in this west Texas City, the GSAQG, Inc. sponsors a large show and has its own "Operations Center." Find out how they do it, and why.

    Jenny Whitehead, past President of South Africa's national quilt guild, shares the history of the craft in her once-troubled land. They haven't been quilting long, but they're making up for lost time!

    Lynn Holland reviews the latest Quilt Sampler, and takes us for an excursion through the new Australian mag, Down Under Quilts. Learn about the quilter who "pulls beers with one hand and quilts with the other."

    Judy Heim teams up with Gloria Hansen to top her last book. The Quilter's Computer Companion provides both a global and microscopic perspective on the world of computer quilting. And it's hilarious into the bargain.

    Former MSN Stitch Forum maven and publisher of the elegant web magazine Quilt Gallery, Debra Weiss has found a way for her two loves -- computers and quilting -- to provide her a living. Find out how a cybergeek who couldn't quite make those clothes she sewed in home ec fit right, made good!

    TVQ #20

    If you couldn't make it to the International Quilt Festival in Houston this year, or even if you did, read Corinne's highly opinionated review.

    The secrets of Electric Quilt software finally revealed! You'll never look at the program in the same way again.

    Ursula Adler and Lilo Wesely talk about their country's very young quilting tradition.

    Lynn Holland's sewing machines have had a life all their own. And have changed hers.

    Quilter, teacher, and computer-jockey Barb Vlack tells what it's like to write and publish one of the hottest books for computing quilters.

    TVQ #21


    TVQ #22


    TVQ #23


    TVQ #24

    Quilt-Pro and The Electric Quilt Company both have dedicated foundation piecing programs. Which one is best for you?

    Patricia Littlefield gives us the guided tour of the four quilt shops on the corners of Hawaii's Big Island. She also introduces us to some very interesting people!

    Rob and Lynn Holland give two different views on thimbles. They may be small, but they make a big difference!

    Lynn Holland takes a restrospective look at Eleanor Burns, who had a great influence on her life as a quilter.


    TVQ #25

    Two new books. One made Christina happy. The other, well . . . .

    TVQ visits three quilt shops in Maryland, including the fabled G Street. Which ones were best? The visits yielded a few surprises!

    Anita Smith's dream comes true, with the help of the web!

    Author of a great new book on quilt labels shares her insights with TVQ readers.

    Pat Autenrieth's background in painting and other fine arts brings an unusual dimension to her quilts. She also maintains a great website!


    TVQ #26

    Christina tries paper piecing for  the first time with the help of two of Carol Doak's books. See how it came out!

    Readers respond about quilt shops in Maryland. Ann Arbor quilt show and auction to
    benefit the Mary Schafer Quilt Collection, recently donated to the Michigan State University

    TVQ #27

    Four Ribbonry Books, Carol Doak's Quilt Book for Beginners, and Free Stuff for Quilters!

    Kinga Tibor shares with TVQ readers news of the new and growing quilting community in Hungary. For Kinga it began with an American movie.

    AQS's new 1999 calendar has a quilt for all seasons.

    Master applique artist and originator of her own unique technique, Suzanne Marshall continues to challenge herself, and us,with new ideas and approaches.


    TVQ #28

    Sew Precise with Shirley Liby combines a bunch of new paper piecing patterns with Shirley's creative tips and designs.

    Teacher, quilter, and author of "Magic Stack-n-Whack Quilts," Bethany tells us why her best ideas are all wet.


    TVQ #29

    Reviewed by Carol Miller. Respect for quilting as an art form is alive even in small towns, as Martinsville, Virginia proves in its support of this local invitational show.

    The organizers of an oceanography camp for girls in St. Petersburg, Florida, had no idea the role that quilting would come to play in their activities.

    Meet one of quilting's longest-standing and most entertaining web queens, who also finds costumes are interesting to her visitors!

    TVQ #30

    Lynn Holland and Christina Holland review two new books.

    Christina Holland visits the Little Quilt Museum that Could. The museum's
    rotating quilt collections make a good antidote for Silicon Valley's cyber-everything.

    Lynn Holland decides to stay home in Atlanta and write about the quilting
    riches around her. Four shops in the Great Atlanta area include the new store
    opened by Little Quilts.

    Addy Harkavy tests out the new cutter from Olfa, purported to be safer and
    easier to use. Is it? Addy clues you in.

    The Atlanta History Center's new exhibit of 80 Georgia quilts extracts the
    history behind them while educating the public on quilting

    The Red River and the Holocaust.

    TVQ #31

    Gunsu Gungor combines her business and quilting skills to create a mecca for quilters in Turkey's capital..

    Christina Holland reviews a recent show in the Tampa Bay area with lots of sunny (and fishy) quilts.

    Alabama quilter Iris Aycock's unique style has earned her the honors as Mistress of Botanicals. Find out how she brings the natural world literally into her quilts.

    Carol Miller gives us her usual amusing and insightful take on one of the East Coast's most popular quilt shows.

    TVQ #32

    Lynn Holland visits two high profile quilt stores in Houston.

    Christina Holland surfs the web for new quilting adventures.

    Find out how "The Dutch Quilting Couple in America" bring their talents and interests to the art of quilting, and create something quite new.

    Quilts for Kosovo and Oklahoma, and more!


    TVQ #33

    As the web becomes a necessary part of doing business, the best quilt shops are setting up sites. Lynn Holland has a review.

    Lynn Holland goes to San Francisco and makes it her business to visit the local quilt shops. On the way she encountered lots of local color!

    Will people buy quilts over the internet without seeing them in person first? This innovative new site combines the best of eBay and your local quilt dealer.

    In quest of dinosaurs and quilts, Christina Holland gets more than she bargained for on a recent trip to Our Nation's Capitol.

    The inventor and programmer of the world's most popular quilt software program talks about how it all started, and where it may be going from here.

    TVQ #34

    Lynn Holland travels to "The Big Easy" and finds quilting alive and well there, as represented by a wide array of great shops!

    Christina Holland uses a new That Patchwork Place beginner's book to help her make her first double wedding-ring. See how it turns out.

    What kind of quilts? You heard correctly. Quilts from manhole covers.

    Oregonian Shirley MacGregor has been quilting and teaching quilting for most of the last 15 years in Asian cultures. And she's made some gorgeous prize-winning quilts of her own!

    TVQ #35

    Lynn Holland looks at a couple of great quilting aunts who influenced the quilters now writing and talking about them and their work.

    "Georgia Celebrates Quilts" is the theme of this year's gigantic Cobb County Show. Lynn Holland visits the quilts and the vendors.

    Patricia Littlefield visits two great shops in New England, including Keepsake, the "Mother Church" of quilt stores. Lynn Holland reviews a great store in Lexington, Kentucky.

    Christopher Holland hasn't ever laid hands on a quilting needle, but he knows great quilts when he sees them. Tour the American Craft Museum in New York City with him.

    Quilt book author, teacher, and Simply Quilts host Alex Anderson talks about what inspires her and how she finds time for quilting in her hectic schedule. Find out how she came to be host of the popular HGTV show!


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