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Planet Patchwork Block of the Month, 2008-2009
Inner Peace

Inner Peace, the block of the month for 2008-2009, is now complete and has been replaced by Moonlight Dancers for 2009-2010.  Inner Peace will be removed from Planet Patchwork on July 31, 2009 and thereafter will be available only as a pattern for purchase. We will be unable to supply missing installments after the pattern is removed from the site, so please print out these instructions before it is removed and put them in a safe place.

Blocks are linked at the bottom of the page, beginning with the first block from April 2008.

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NOTE: The finishing instructions for this quilt are now posted as the last installment of the BOM. Go to the link at the bottom of the page.

Welcome to Planet Patchwork's 2008-2009 Block of the Month, "Inner Peace," by Diane Hundley.

We hope you like this new bold yet formal design, which is sure to be a crowd-pleaser. We appreciate your continuing support of the Planet Patchwork block-of-the-month.

The quilt is shown here in jewel tones on black, but you are not tied to one colorway. Feel free to choose your own fabrics and let your imagination run wild. It will be interesting to see what you come up with.

The finished size of this quilt will be about 82" x 82".

Yardage has been figured using 44" wide fabric and cutting borders from selvedge to selvedge. If you choose to make one long piece for the borders you will need more fabric. Below is a list of yardage needed to complete your quilt top (main quilt and borders). As always yardage is figured more than actually needed.

To make the quilt top only
Background Black 2 5/8 yards
Green 1 1/8 yards
Red 1 1/8 yards
Yellow 1 1/8 yards
Purple 7/8 yard
Blue 1 1/4 yards
Black & White 1 5/8 yards

Pieced borders 1 1/3 yards
un-pieced borders 2  3/8 yards

3/4 yard

Block #1, "Sarah's Choice," April 2008.
Block #1, "Sarah's Choice," April 2008 (pdf)

Block #2, "X Quartet," May 2008.
Block #2, "X Quartet," May 2008 (pdf)

Block #3, "Grecian Square," June 2008.
Block #3, "Grecian Square," June 2008 (pdf)

Block #4, "Louisiana" July 2008.
Block #4, "Louisiana," July 2008 (pdf)

Block #5, "Greek Cross" August 2008.
Block #5, "Greek Cross" August 2008 (pdf)

Block #6, "Double X" September 2008.
Block #6, "Double X" September 2008 (pdf)

Block #7, "Spinning Wheel" October 2008.
Block #7, "Spinning Wheel" October 2008 (pdf)

Block #8, "Spinning Leaf" November 2008.
Block #8, "Spinning Leaf" November 2008 (pdf)

Block #9, "Windmill Squared" December 2008.
Block #9, "Windmill Squared" December 2008 (pdf)

Block #10, "Ribbon" January 2009.
Block #10, "Ribbon" January 2009 (pdf)

Block #11, "Seeing Red" February 2009.
Block #11, "Seeing Red" February 2009 (pdf)

Block #12, "Broken Windmill" March 2009.
Block #12, "Broken Windmill" March 2009 (pdf)

Finishing Instructions for Inner Peace
Finishing Instructions for Inner Peace (pdf)

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