New Years 2014 Mystery Quilt Was a Hit

Take a look at photos of some of the completed quilt tops from our latest mystery!

Come See the Results of the 2013 One-Day Mystery!

Photos of dozens of complete mystery quilt tops are posted over at our Facebook page, with commentary by our hundreds of participants. Come join in the fun!

The Traveling Quilter: Houston Quilt Market 2011

Join Lynn for our 12th Quilt Market, on her hunt for new products and good (quilty) times!

New Product Review: Bloc Loc Rulers

Nifty new tool for squaring up and trimming your half-square triangle blocks, all in one easy step!

New Product Review: Frixion Erasable Gel Pens

Pilot has come out with some great new pens for marking your fabrics. Guess how you erase them. It's remarkable!

Quilts in Flood Time: Paducah 2011

The intrepid staff of the American Quilter's Society pulled off a near miracle as the Ohio River threatened to flood out this year's quilt show. 

"Oh, My Stars!" New Block-of-the-Month Announced

To celebrate her 10th year of doing block-of-the-month quilts at Planet Patchwork, Diane Hundley has outdone herself with her new design, called "Oh, My Stars." New installments will be posted monthly for the next year.

New Product Review: Magnet-Ficent Invisible Quilt Hanger

As always, our trips to Quilt Market reveal clever new products for quilters. This is perhaps the simplest and most ingenious quilt hanger we've seen.

The Traveling Quilter: Quilt Market 2009

Lynn's review surveys the changes sweeping the patchwork world as reflected in the world's biggest quilting trade show, Quilt Market 2009. New products, trends, technologies. Read about them here!

New Product Video Review: Yazzii Quilted Jewelry Travel Cases

Lynn is an inveterate traveler, and has finally discovered the solution to tangled necklaces, misplaced earrings, and other travails traveling with jewelry.

First Photos from Fall Quilt Market

We have just departed from Fall Quilt Market in Houston, and are preparing our story to be posted here soon. In the meantime, we thought you might enjoy a few of the many photos we took while there, which we have posted on flickr. Have a look! We will be back in Houston for the International Quilt Festival next Thursday and will once again be tweeting from the floor. Follow us on twitter to get reports on what's going on.

The Traveling Quilter: Quilt Shops in Tennessee, Kentucky, and Illinois

This summer found the traveling quilter, well, traveling. And everywhere she goes there are quilt shops, which of course she must visit. She found some great ones in a couple of swings through the south and middle west.

Finally: A Gentle, Odor-free, and Effective Cure for Dry, Chapped Quilters' Hands

Who knew beeswax was the secret elixir we've been looking for? Read our review of Waterblocker All-Natural Hand Cream, made from the pure products of Texas honeybees. One application and your hands stay dry all day!

Those Fantastic Featherweights: DVDs and A Book that Will Make You an Expert

We discovered some great new products for Featherweight owners at Quilt Market this year. Read our review of this extremely informative and often humorous video tutorial on these popular machines.

Book Review: Digital Photography and Your Quilt

Two new books from Electric Quilt provide quilters the keys to effective use of digital photos in quilt design. If it isn't in these books, it's not worth knowing.

The Traveling Quilter: Quilt Shops in Greater Seattle

The Traveling Quilter revisits Seattle after 7 years, and finds the shops as unique and marvelous as ever.

Marian and the Magic Thimble: Quilter/Inventor Profile

Quilter and textile arts Renaissance Woman Marian Joy invented a bunch of clever devices during her lifetime. Now her son is carrying on her memory through a thimble.

The Travelling Quilter: Mountain Quilt Quest

Penny Schmitt shares with us her Shop Hop initiation at a group of shops in Virginia and West Virginia. She also has some tips for keeping it fun and affordable!

The Traveling Quilter: Parsing Paducah

The Traveling Quilter did Paducah again this year, the first time since 2005. This trip gave new insights into the "Mother of All Quilt Shows."

New Block-of-the-Month, "Inner Peace"

Diane Hundley's new block-of-the-month series continues. Click on the link above to see the new design, entitled "Inner Peace."  We think you'll love this great new quilt, offered in installments monthly through April 2009.

If you Like Tutto, You'll L-O-V-E Tutto!

The Tutto Machine-On-Wheels has become the world standard for sewing machine carriers. But did you know they make Pullmans and carry-ons and many other bags? Lynn Holland has discovered them, and provides a complete review.

Free and Easy Machine Quilting: The Supreme Slider

First introduced in 2004, this great product has now been updated and improved. Learn how this simple device can save great strain on both your patience and your body!

Product Review: The Sidewinder Bobbin Winder

Lynn says you'll save some swearing by having this, except if you can't get it. It's in huge demand. Find out why. We now have them back in stock, but hurry!

Get a Grip: Product Review for the new Gypsy Gripper

Do your rulers slip when you try to rotary cut that thick pile of strips? Have you nipped your fingertip more than once? Check out this neat new invention reviewed by Lynn Holland!

Traveling Quilter: Quilt Shops on the Florida Suncoast

Lynn Holland picks up a finished quilt for grandson Stephen and revisits two of her favorite quilt stores in the Tampa-St. Petersburg area.

Book Review: The 1776 Quilt, by Pam Holland

Pam Holland chronicles her odyssey with a 250-year-old quilt she saw in a book. The encounter changed her life forever.

Atlanta Shop Hop 2007

The Traveling Quilter takes on 13 shops and a busload of quilters in doing the 2007 Atlanta Shop Hop in style. Learn what quilters do when they're set loose on their own in Fabric Disneyland!

Up Against the Wall, Quilter!

Learn how a quilter finally figures out how to get more wall space for a design wall, without building an extra room on her house!

Is it Wrong to Love an Iron?

Lynn Holland has found an iron that's smarter than she is. How one company listened to iron users and built a better one, that raises itself up off the fabric when not in use.

My Iron Disaster

Every woman, it seems, has had a disaster with an iron. Some of you have told us your stories, and we invite the rest of you to join us around the hot iron!

Houston 2006: The Best New Products

Read about our selection of the best new products from Quilt Market 2006 in Houston. Improvements made to standard quilter's tools that will surprise and delight you!

Beginning Ribbonwork: Helen Gibb

Helen Gibb is the new leader in ribbonwork, with a book and comprehensive DVD. Read how ribbonwork can change your quilts, and maybe your life!

Product Review: Tutto Machine on Wheels

The makers of Tutto luggage claim it is the healthiest in the world. And they have carriers just for quilters and sewers. Check out our review of these amazing travel carriers, which make traveling with a sewing machine easier than ever. See all of our product reviews!

Product Review: The Quilter's FabriCalc

At last, a simple handheld device that figures your quilt yardage. Announced at Quilt Market, this wonderful little gizmo promises to revolutionize your experience of quilter's math!

Video Review: "The Great American Quilt Revival"

Planet Patchwork's review of the video that was the talk of the Houston Quilt Festival last fall. This documentary, produced by Georgia Bonesteel, tells the comprehensive story of the quilting revolution of the last 30 years.

One Day Mystery : Gems in the Ruff Gallery!

On New Year's Day, thousands of quilters participated in the Gems in the Ruff Mystery Quilt. Check out some of the amazing results in the Gallery! If you participated in this popular event on January 1, send in your photos (jpegs or gifs only) to and we'll post them in the gallery.

Quilter Personal Profile: Penny Schmitt

North Carolina quilter Penny Schmitt chronicles her artistic development while honoring the memory of her friend and quilting mentor.

The Man (and Women) Behind Visual Quilting

Peyton Richmond, creator of the Visual Quilting design program, talks about his software and the quilters in his life who inspired it.

Quilt-Pro 5 for the Mac (OS X): First Look

Christina Holland uses her Mac for everything else in her computing life - shouldn't she use it to design quilts too? Join her as she takes the new Mac quilt design program out for a spin.

Binding Begone! New Products from Martelli

The latest inventions out of this sewing skunkworks in Pensacola are worthy of the company tradition -- and a boon to quilters everywhere. Learn how to bind your quilts with more ease and less pain with these ingenious and affordable tools!


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